Who Is The Mole Inside The New Chief Minister’s Office?

In recent weeks, information that would only be known by a staff member directly working for The Office Of The Chief Minister… Has been leaked to the NT Independant.

After some investigation… it seems that, Chief Minister: Natasha Fyles’ – Senior Strategic Engagement and Communication Adviser:

Alyce MokrzyckiAlyce Mokrzycki

Has a long history of friendship with NT Independent – staff member: David Wood who is a blogger for the popular website. David Wood

They both worked together previously in Sydney for Newscorp, both of whom live in Darwin now and are Facebook friends to this day. Alyce Mokrzycki

Is there a connection between the leaked information and this friendship… who knows? But it seems suspicious…

Just how powerful is the NT Independant?… How far do their tentacles reach into the highest levels of government?… Is anyone safe?

Is Alyce Mokrzycki a spy… for the NT Independent? or a double agent – fighting for truth, justice, and the Australian way?

Or maybe David Wood has leveraged the relationship in other ways, to gain access to secret information from staff members, within the new Chief Minister’s inner circle. Is David Wood a James Bond style seductress… is he sleeping with the enemy?

How many more sleeper agents do the NT Independant, have inside the Chief Minister’s Cabinet?

Alyce Mokrzycki